The History of Port Everglades

September 25, 2014

The History of Port Everglades Have you pumped the brakes atop 17th Street Causeway to appreciate that panoramic, post-card view? It’s no secret that the lifeblood of our city flows within Port Everglades. The famous fixture, formerly known as Lake Mabel or Bay Mabel Harbor, initially emerged as a means for local farmers to ship their produce. With a vision of optimizing importing and exporting, Port Everglades has maintained a strong history of expansion. In 1913 Fort Lauderdale Harbor Company was formed and dug out the Lake Mabel Cut, opening the New River to the sea for small boats…. The rest is history! 1927 – The port was officially established as a deep-water harbor in 1927 by the Florida State Legislature and dedicated in 1928. 1929 - Fort Lauderdale dedicated its first airport. That same year, the Port project was completed and the Port obtained certificates for construction of a railway connecting the Port to the Florida East Coast Railway.
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The LaMarca Dogs

September 23, 2014

In the following interview, Chip talks about his pups for National Dogs In Politics Day. Can you share the story behind your rescue dogs? In 1996, my wife, Eileen, and I fell in love with the Basenji breed.  We found out there was  a rescue organization for the characteristically ‘bark-less’ dog so we rescued Bella, formerly ‘Angel’, through in December of 2008. I had subscribed to an email list and every time a new Basenji came in, they’d email me. Enter our younger pup, ‘Gibby’ short for his original name, Gibson, who was rescued in 2011 from Jackson, Mississippi in May of 2011 shortly after my first election. Bella and Gibby do well living together! Why are you an advocate for going the rescue route rather than the traditional breeder or pet store? Unless the breeders are invested in the well-being of their animals and are doing it for the right reasons, I absolutely opt for rescue over pet...READ MORE
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