“As a retired Captain, Medical Corps Officer, I have witnessed Chip’s complete dedication and commitment to the Naval Forces that have visited Fort Lauderdale as well as all my fellow service members, both active and retired.  As a key element in our Veterans receiving free transportation on Broward County Buses, strong support of Navy Days in South Florida, and taking time to embark on “LHD” from New Orleans to Fort Lauderdale, Chip’s commitment has been truly remarkable. I strongly support him as our Commissioner.” Dr. Fanancy L. Anzalone, Retired U.S. Navy Captain
“Commissioner Chip LaMarca represents the best in local public service. His involvement in “Six Pillars Broward County” reflects dedication to data-driven understanding of the challenges his constituents face and the courage to look beyond ideologies to find solutions.” - Dr. Dale Brill Founder, Thinkspot, Inc. Former President of the Florida Chamber Foundation
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